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About Us

V.KAN.EXPORT stands as a renowned company in the realm of bearing manufacturing and exporting, boasting an impressive track record of over three decades in the industry. Our primary objective revolves around meeting a diverse spectrum of bearing requirements, ultimately elevating performance standards in the domain of automobile engineering. This mission is diligently pursued through a commitment to pioneering innovation and maintaining a proactive stance towards emerging technologies, seamlessly integrating them into contemporary applications.

The foundation of our accomplishments rests upon a triad of factors: our unwavering capacity for innovation, a wealth of technical proficiency, and an exceptional grasp of manufacturing intricacies. These combined strengths have propelled us to the forefront of bearing exports, solidifying our status as an industry leader. Our core specialization lies in delivering the following range of products:

We serve a global clientele spanning across more than 52 countries, facilitated by an expansive distribution network. This meticulous setup guarantees that each CAN bearing not only fulfills your bearing necessities but also aligns with the most stringent global quality benchmarks.

At V.KAN.EXPORT, anticipate nothing short of remarkable offerings and services meticulously tailored to suit your precise bearing prerequisites. Our commitment lies in furnishing dependable solutions and fostering enduring partnerships with our esteemed clientele.


Bearing Cave is a company that was established in 1978 with the aim of manufacturing a wide range of automotive and industrial bearings. With over four decades of experience, we specialize in producing bearings that cater to the needs of various industries and sectors within India.

Bearing Mines, established in 1990, is a sister concern of Bearing Cave and focused on serving Indian merchant exporters. By serving the needs of Indian merchant exporters, Bearing Mines plays a crucial role in facilitating bearings export to global markets.

V.Kan.Export, established in 1993, is another sister concern within the group. This company is specifically dedicated to serving the export markets. With its specialization in exporting bearings, V.Kan.Export has successfully expanded its reach to the Middle East, Far East, African, and European countries.


V.KAN.EXPORT, as an organization, has a unique origin story rooted in the philosophy of customer satisfaction.

The organization takes pride in the fact that its products have evolved through dedicated workmanship. Each product is carefully crafted to meet demanding levels of perfection and is designed to adhere to the toughest industry standards. This commitment to excellence is evident in the engineering of every CAN Bearing product,



At V.KAN.EXPORT, our sole objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction through effective quality management and continuous improvement. We are dedicated to meeting our customer's needs by being highly sensitive and interactive in our approach.

We consistently strive to deliver the highest quality products by continuously upgrading our production processes to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of our customers. Maintaining global business standards is a priority for us, as we are committed to supplying bearings of the utmost quality at fair prices, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Marketing Service Network
We endeavor to satisfy our clients by offering them quality products. Our endeavors have helped us to clinch a set of high profile & loyal clients all over the world. The company has won the trust & confidence of its clientele over the years. The ever-increasing list of the hugely satisfied clientele encompasses customers not only in India but also across the globe including countries in Middle East & Gulf, Europe & South Asia.
Regular Improvement Program
V. Kan. Export believes that only by engaging in regular programs & product oriented innovation, will the company succeed in the future. Therefore, to improve its position in the bearing industry, where the competition is stiff, V. Kan. Export implements regular improvement program (R.I.P). 1. RIP is a concept based on a continuous self-sustaining, learning & improvement program. 2. The RIP supports V. Kan. Export on its course of becoming a high performance organization & ensures that the best practices are implemented in all areas of operations. 3. The RIP helps step up the pace of the optimization program geared to achieve the defined goals. 4. RIP makes Kan. Export quicker & flexible. With regular improvement program, we can recognize target deviations even more quickly & take immediate counter measures.

Our constant care in terms of quality has seen us pick up several national and international accolades.

Corporate Social Responsibility

V.KAN.EXPORT as a company has always looked at giving back to society. Since its inception, the company has been nurturing the roots of social responsibility through active participation in philanthropic activities like promotion of education, healthcare services for weaker sections, and organizing blood donation camps. All we wish is to lift the human development bar in society.

Moreover, following the belief of ‘Charity Begins at Home’, the management takes good care of the needs, desires, and requirements of the employees at V.KAN.EXPORT. They also tend to enjoy free education for their children if needed and Medical expenses. Complete job satisfaction and healthy work culture is what the employees obtain.

We at V.KAN.EXPORT with sincere and continued efforts are on our journey to achieve sustainable development. Special thanks to all our clients, business partners, associates, and friends who have shared with us the company’s social responsibility.

Warranty Policy